Well since I have a Pod XT Live, I don't need these effects pedals. I plan on using the XT Live for everything so these are going to go.

Boss DD-3 - 50
Boss SD-1 - 25
Boss NS-2 - 45
MXR 6 band EQ - 45

Now the MXR doesn't have the foam at the bottom of it because I tored it off to fit a pedal board I made.

The DD-3 is in good condition with only light scratches on the side of the pedal.

The NS-2 is in good condition and the SD-1 was used quite a bit so is a bit more wore than the others.

They all work perfectly fine. If you want pictures PM me. Payments by Cheque ideally. No Paypal. Will ship by Royal mail. Postage is about 2.50 each pedal so include that in the total price.