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    Brian Moore Guitars I12000 series

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Brian Moore Guitars I12000 that I've had since I got it brand new in December 2005.
    Due to it having never left the house the guitar is in great condition as well as being highly playable. I have not looked at the guitar nor played it for a while, but IIRC there is either no or just one incredibly tiny ding that is really hard to spot.
    I will state further info in more detail below (since this section asks for Brief Description).

    Modifications (if any): None

    Accessories (hardshell case etc): None

    Location (City,State or City,Country): Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Contact Info: PM me

    References Required (eBay or other forum userid): Don't use ebay currently, but I have a 100 per cent feedback on my iTrader score on Sevenstring.org, where I have had several dealings that all went successfully.
    If you spend decent amounts of time on SS.org, you will recognize the username Harry, with the doomguy avatar that has the same RG 7421 and POD X3 Live under his user name. That's cos Harry is HughesJB4 over here.

    Price (include currency and if firm/obo): 1400 AUD, buyer pays shipping. Anyone that can drive directly to my place to try it out and/or buy it, feel free to do so.

    Pictures :

    My Guitars :: Wiring Cavity picture by HughesJB4 - Photobucket

    I didn't really feel the need to post more pics since there is no damage to show apart from the tarnished bridge, there is no dings or anything at all really.
    Anyone that wants to see more pics, there is more on my photobucket account that can be viewed publicly

    A bit more in depth about this axe:

    In addition to not having been played it since March this year, in 2007 it spent about 7 months being unplayed, so that effectively knocks off 9 months of wear from this axe. It is extremely playable and comes stock with Seymour Duncans which help it to sound amazing (as well as good tone wood of course).
    The guitar literally never left the house and shows virtually no signs of damage apart from light surface scratches that many guitars will normally get from normal use anyway. The frets are in quite good condition, but one fret, around the 7th or 8th fret will fret out a little when bending on the high E.
    However, the gold plating on the bridge is particularly tarnished as you can see, as well as there being problems with inserting the trem arm due to a bit of damage in the actual screw in bit.
    I believe for the condition that it's in and it costing about 3000 AUD brand new, I feel 1400 AUD is a fair price.
    For those wondering, the neck is kinda like a Wizard II neck for size, but perhaps a hair thicker and a bit rounded (I guess imagine halfway between a Jackson D2K neck and an RG Wizard II neck for size and you're almost there), but this guitar is easily as playable as many of the better Wizard I necks I've used and is an extremely comfortable neck.
    Having 9 possible pickup configurations gives this guitar godly versatility.
    I've also yet to play a guitar that hugs the body so well, the body shape is just insanely nice.
    Obviously for full list of specs, check the BMG website.
    For anyone wanting to replace the bridge if they didn't want to tremol-no it for tremol-no awesomeness, I'm pretty sure many American Fender 2 point knife edge trems are direct drop in replacements, but don't quote me on that, it just looks like it should do.
    I love this guitar dearly, but I've come to realize my hands like 7 string necks better and I also require the upper fret access only a 24 fret guitar provides, so since getting my Ibanez this guitar has been doing nothing but sitting in a case. I don't like collecting guitars, I believe they are meant to be played, and I'd love to know this guitar is getting played by someone who will love it like I did.
    Lastly, it's a feeler thread for now since I have a guy that has been wanting to buy it for months, but most likely I'll put out because it doesn't seem like he has his shit together to even buy it and is just fucking me around, so I'd like to see if there is any interest here to make it worth pulling out of that deal.
    At this stage, unless it is some kind of tube power amp, I'm not deeply interested in trades.
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    I have a Moore and I can say that it is a fan-freakin'-tastic guitar. I'm sure the higher end models like this one are even nicer.

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    Yeah, my model is one of the Korean made ones and it destroys the lower end (Chinese made?) models. I've played plenty of American and Japanese guitars that don't even feel or play as good as my Korean Brian Moore Guitar.

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    Can the thread title be changed, no longer a feeler, definitely for sale now.
    Come on dudes, not even being played anymore, it needs a new home!

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