i have a job lot of pickups that need shifting and a bunch of other random guitar parts....

1 set of EMG 81 85s with all wiring
1 set of EMG h3s with quick connect cables
1 set of Ibanez & string pickups from a 7321
1 dimarzio paf 7 bridge
1 kent armstrong distortion humbucker for 6 string
1 seymour duncan Dimebucker for 6 string

also i have a few pots input jacks and wiring lying around plus a black chrome tune o matic 6 string bridge, a 7321 bridge and also a behringer reverb pedal if anyone out there is interested.

i'm based in nottingham UK, i have 2 people on sevenstring.org who can vouch for me if need be and here's my ebay feedback profile.
eBay My World - sholto7

as for prices i'm open to negotiations and due to there being loads on the menu we'll discuss them on an item by item basis.

anyway PM me if your interested as i rarely have time to check through threads for replies and such, you know how quickly things get buried by other posts here.....