Testing the waters for a trade. Not really looking to sell. The Loomis is a great guitar, but I find myself barely ever playing it with my Caparison and another on the way, Parker, Ibby and even Agile 8 hanging there next to it. I think it's mainly the EMG's I don't get on with and I don't want to put rings or anything on it to go passive. The guitar is totally mint with the exception of a tiny pin hole near the toggle switch that I made like a dumb ass trying move the battery clip in the cavity. It is pictured below. I am looking mainly for an RG550, but would entertain other shreddy options such as a 770, 565 or the like. Or maybe some older Jacksons or ESP. Maybe even a nice strat. Maple board is prefered and no beaters please, but I will entertain any offer. Just hit me up with a pm.