Brief & Accurate Description of Item: Fender 3 saddle tele bridge. its about 10 years old, got it with a body i bought, these go for about 60 new
Price: $20 + Shipping
Pictures:identical to this except also stamped 10027.

Brief & Accurate Description of item: RGR480b body. light blue to metallic creme burst, with a trans blue over the top. bit scratched in a few spots, and a long one on the front. nothign too bad though. comes with custom white jack plate. routed for an edge.
Price: $40 + Shipping
Pictures: ill get one tonight.

Brief & Accurate Description of item: Peavey Millenium metal tele body. Arch topped tele body, routed for a kahler spyder (accepts an ofr), takes a hum-sing pickup set, and a standard RG-ish control layout. Made in the USA. Has no hardware. finish is a bit chipped inside the bridge cavity, a small chip next to the neck pickup, and a a bit on the treble side below the bridge cavity.
Price: $25 + Shipping
Pictures: (I removed all the stickers when i got it)

closeup of the finish.

forgive the shitty format. i just needed to open to a bigger audience