Got a bunch of gear I should sell, as I've no use for it. No pictures, as these aren't the kind of things I'm guessing most people want to look at. But I'll take some and upload if people want.

Lexicon I-Onix U42S: Product: I-ONIX U42S | Lexicon Pro
This is a pretty upmarket soundcard. Check the official site for details, but suffice to say it's a 6-input soundcard made by studio legendary brand Lexicon.
It comes with Cubase 4 LE and EZDrummer Lite and, almost best of all, a Lexicon reverb plug-in.

This is a review sample I was given to review. It's clearly been to a reviewer before me, as the packaging had been opened and put back a little untidily, but other than that, it's mint. Probably has less than 4 hours use in total.

They sell for 230-280 online, so I reckon 180 posted (in the UK) is a fair price. All original docs and packaging.

Propellerhead's Record: Propellerhead Software - Products - Record
Also for sale, Propellerhead's Record. Again, check the official site for intimate details, as well as a very informative and persuasive video advert for it. Very cool programme indeed.

This is again a review sample, but this one was brand new when I got it. All original docs, dongle and packaging. This sells for 180 online. I'm going to say 120 posted in the UK.

M-Box Mini 2: Mbox 2 Mini
This is not a review sample, but it may as well be. I bought it a year ago and put in about 2 hours with it. I'm simply a Cubase man. And my trusty Delta 44 does all I need it to.

Comes with all original packaging, PT LE 7 (with an upgrade to 8), and a ridiculous amount of software bundled with it.

This seems to go for around 170 brand new. So I reckon 100 posted in the UK is fair.

Prices were all gathered from Google Shopping. Prices are all negotiable. Bit of a long-shot, but I'm also considering trading my Jaden Rose custom RG7, and I could add any of these items for something special. I'd be looking for a high end Ibanez 7.