I'm looking to get my hands on a decent tube head or pre-amp and/or a cab. I've got the following items up for grabs. Willing to split this lot up if you only want one or two items, and add cash where necessary.

7620BK - Almost mint. Just one small ding on the side by the arm contour, and not even through the paint. I shall grab pics tomorrow. All ardware is in mint condition and has an Air Norton 7 and D-Sonic 7. Frets are in great shape and the guitar gets cleaned and fret-polished every few months. Very well set-up in A standard, but I can set it up for whatever tuning you like.
Comes with UV case.

7620VK Body - Several dings around the back edges of this, but the front is immaculate. Can probably leave most hardware apart from p-ups, spring claw and trem on it (will leave locking studs in).

Antoria electro-acoustic - A basic, nothing special electro. I bought it around 4 months ago with the intention of using it for recording, but sold my pod and don't have a mic to record it through, so it can go. Mint condition, probably has around 10 hours playing time on it. It's lived on a stand. Comes with gig bag.

TC Electronics G-Major - I bought this off a member here around 3-4 months ago. It arrived damaged (not the member's fault). Basically, the Enter button is very dodgy and for the most part doesn't work. It requires some soldering work that I'm not good enough to do. The unit's Enter button doesn't work when pushed, which renders it unable to have its patches edited through the front panel. However, if you connect it to your PC, you can edit the patches 'online', much like using Line 6's software. Other than this rather annoying but fixable problem, the unit is in cosmetically great shape and functions 100%.

I've also got a Roland/Edirol USB soundcard, brand new, still in the box. I literally used this once. Bought when I thought my soundcard was damaged and needed to use something else to test out the signal chain. Discovered it wasn't the soundcard, so this was packed away again instantly and hasn't been used since. I'll throw in some Phono-1/4" jack leads.

I also have an Audigy 2 soundcard and a 8600 512mb Gfx card, Assasin's Creed and Bioshock PC games I can put in if there's a chance anyone would want those.

Lastly, I have two Stagg rack cases. One is a 4U, the other is a 6U. There's not too much to say about them. They rack things.

Right, it's worth mentioning that because I'm in the UK, I'm interested in UK equipment, as I don't want my rack to have to start including transformers. Secondly, since I'm looking to trade, I don't really want to post stuff overseas, as that gets pricey and means I'm paying on top of the items' values.

Amp-wise, I'm interested in Mesa, Engl, Framus, possibly Ada and Rocktron.

Pics will go up tomorrow, but you can find older pics of the guitars in my profile's gallery. And I've got lots of refs on ss.org under username Leec.

Here's the guitars:

PM me, bitches!