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Thread: Jackson Custom Shop 7-String Stealth

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    Jackson Custom Shop 7-String Stealth

    Well, here is the first of several items to come in my big "I Want Another Car Sell-athon."

    Many of you probably recognize this beauty as the Guitar of the Month for May 2008 at sevenstring.org. It's a 1998 Jackson Custom Shop Stealth-7, one of the very first 7-string guitars ever made by Jackson and literally one of a kind.

    It's got a very thin, unfinished maple neck with one of the most beautiful rosewood fretboards I've ever seen. The body is solid quilted maple with a satin finish--no veneer! The headstock has a matching quilted veneer. The trem is an Ibanez LoPro Edge, which was the best 7-string trem available when this guitar was made. The pickups were originally a pair of EMG-707s, but I replaced the bridge pickup with a Duncan Blackout. If you like crappy tone, I'd be happy to include the original 707 along with the guitar. I also installed a Tremol-No, which will remain on the guitar.

    With the thin neck and thinned-out body edges, this is basically an Ibanez Sabre killer. It will eat your little girly-man Ibanez for lunch and not even burp. It plays and sounds incredible and doesn't have that much wear. An area of pick scratches near the pickups is the main play wear. The frets are in great shape and should be good for many years to come. The pickup switch occasionally acts up and probably could stand to be replaced.

    I'm choosing this one to sell only because I don't play that much 7-string anymore and my KXK Sii-7 is the seven I'm choosing to keep (it will probably be buried with me). I'd rather this guitar get played and not sit in its case all the time.

    It comes with the original case, which is curiously missing the handle but has all latches intact.

    $1,200 + shipping. No trades, sorry.

    PM me, or e-mail me at acoberst@earthlink.net

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    Every single on of those photos suck. Here, lemme help:

    Division: American Metal without the suck.

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    My photos aren't that bad!

    Yours is definitely one of the best guitar photos ever, though.

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    Oh shit, that's beautiful. And an excellent price for something that I've literally never seen another of.
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    An Ibanez guy NEEDS this guitar. The neck is similar to an 80s RG, and it sounds great with Blackouts. All that maple makes it almost sound like an ESP, and it has your typical ridiculously nice Jackson custom shop fretwork. It's a very interesting a extremely playable guitar, and if I didn't have one more seven than I play, it would have been mine before any of you knew it was for sale.

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    Let's put it this way: If it had a Floyd on it instead of an Edge, it would never have made it here.

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    Damn that is sick, right at the price of a nicely customized Carvin, somebody needs to snag this badboy.
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