I picked this up about a week ago. It's a really nice sounding guitar but it's a little too heavy for me and it's too similar to the COW for me to justify keeping it!

The previous owner filled in a ding and painted it over with Dulux wall emulsion. I removed the paint (wiped off with a damp cloth!) but now there's a patch of paint missing on the front near the bridge (about 1" in diameter)

Other than that the guitar has a few other minor dings but is in reasonable condition. It's a fantastic sounding and playing guitar. It's also a refinish (or even a suitably placed sticker! ) away from being a fantastic looking guitar

I'm not looking for a sale right now. I'd prefer to trade it for a guitar that is worth the same new but also a bit cosmetically damaged perhaps. Alternatively I'm looking for a few bits and bobs in trade, namely:

Reamp box
EMG 81/85 or Blackout set