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    Jackson SLS Soloist

    Hi I'm pretty (very!) new here but I figured I might as well list here as well since it appears to be alot of the same people as sevenstring (and maybe a few off harmony central). If you are in need of references check out my deals on harmony central (same username) or my ebay feedback under the name supernaut88.

    If you saw my threads on Harmony Central, JCAF, and sevenstring you might have already seen pictures of this guitar. No one on any of these forums has any clue what the model is (if someone here has any idea I would appreciate it if you would PM me). I'll do a detailed write up on it later but thought I would just post some pictures and a price to see if anyones interested. I would honestly love to keep this guitar as it plays excellently, its just that I prefer the body shape of my slsmg and need some money to pay college expenses.

    The price right now that I have in my head is $450 (shipped) for the guitar (unloaded) all the original pickup rings cavity covers and screws (as well as the tuners but I never even took those off), a dimarzio super distortion bridge and breed neck (zebra), an skb case I was using with my slsmg, as well as about 50 dollars worth of electronics I was planning on rewiring the guitar with (everything but tone caps). If you don't want all that feel free to pm with an offer for only some of it.

    I'll update everything with new pictures and descriptions ASAP. If you have any questions shoot me a PM or contact me at garrettbockman@gmail.com

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    That is sweet! Does it have any "Made in USA" or "Made in Japan" stickers or labels?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    That is sweet! Does it have any "Made in USA" or "Made in Japan" stickers or labels?
    Nope. The guy I bought it from had no idea where it was from. I was talking with alot of guys on JCAF and we're 98% sure that its MIJ, due to the fact that jackson doesn't make neck through at any of its lesser factories (india, korea, etc..). Everyone is also pretty sure its not MIA because it doesn't say it on the headstock. JCAF is only missing a few catalog scans so we're presuming its from one of the early 2000 years. Perhaps its something like a sam ash exclusive.

    The neck is the exact same carve (except the heel area is a tiny bit bulkier) as my 06 SLSMG. The main difference between this and the SLS guitars is the body shape, this one isn't a carved top its shaped like the hardtail USA soloists, it has the SLS headstock though. I would love to keep it just cause its an interesting variation on my SLSMG but I don't have the scratch to swing it right now. I'm gonna post some close ups of the wood later and hopefully someone can help me identify it. I'm not sure its mahogany, its a good deal lighter than the wood on my slsmg.

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