Brief & Accurate Description: Jackson USA SL1 in 9.4/10 condition

If you're looking for a USA Soloist, snag this one - if you try to order a new one, you're looking at a few months of a wait - Jackson has gone back to a made-by-order basis with the USA line, from what I've heard. Additionally, you'll be upcharged for this color by a few hundred as they don't offer it as a standard color anymore, but anyway...

If you've ever played a USA Jackson, you know that they're some of the best shredders around. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is spot on, the tone is very substantial, and the playability is as smooth as can be even with LOW action.

There's only two very minor clear coat chips - one near the output jack, the other on the tip of the headstock. Both are only in the clearcoat and not noticeable unless you look for them. Otherwise, this one is clean.

The color on this one is Cobalt Blue, I believe, which is impossible for properly photograph. I rarely get excited about solid finishes but this color is awesome - very rich and classy. The pictures make it look bland and boring.

I've been playing this thing a lot and its just an excellent guitar - however, the tone is not my bag, so I'm moving it on to somebody who can appreciate more than I.

Alder body
Maple neck (neck through construction)
Ebony fretboard
Mother of Pearl inlays
Seymour Duncan Classic Stack single coils in the neck and middle position
Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge

Modifications: None

Accessories: None

Location: Mount Pleasant

Contact Info: PM me

References: I have tons from, Harmony-Central, rig-talk, Jemsite, bmusic, the Gear Page, etc.

Price: I'm looking for trades.

Things I like are:

Ibanez Prestige and J-Custom
Gibson (some - I'm picky though)

...but I'm open to all ideas. I'm will to add or take cash depending on the deal.


Tiny clear coat nick on the bottom:
Small clear coat nick on tip of headstock: