FT Ibanez K-7 with JP Dimarzios.

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Thread: Ibanez K-7 with JP Dimarzios.

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    Ibanez K-7 with JP Dimarzios.

    I'm considering trading my K-7.

    Year: 02-03, not sure.


    Pickups: swapped for the new john petrucci dimarzios,
    with black poles.

    Trem mod: I got it modded to fit a floyd arm, I still have the old
    arm and the U-BAR, you can get it back like it was if you like(I like it better since the arm now pretty much stays in place).

    Neck: The back of the neck is now satin finished, feels alot nicer than how it used to be with the lacquer finish, feels similar to the 1527 neck now.

    *All mods were done professionaly by a local tech.

    Guitar's condition:

    Aside of the dings on the pictures it's pretty much mint, there's another really small
    one on the back that can hardly be seen, I'll try getting a pic of that latrer on.


    I dealt with chrispcritter here, also sold my old K-7's pickups here,
    never had any problems.

    I also traded my flaxwood rautia in the past with a harmony central user called dougzee, he sent his PRS custom 24 over to me, didnt have any issues.

    My ebay username is maordan.

    What I want:

    I'm basically interested in another seven, I might add cash,
    I might ask you to add cash, depends what youre offering me.

    I'm pretty open minded in general so if youre having any interesting gear I might be interested, an axe fx is a good example (-:

    Guitar pics after all the mods can be found here:
    Modded abit my K-7 - pics inside. - Sevenstring.org

    These are the codition pics I got from the chris when I bought it,
    I'll try geting some better pics later.

    And the final mod, by mister loomis himself;


    Smaller dings:


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