Backstory: I had a cheap BC Rich Warlock Platinum series when I was a kid, plywood body. I recently found (amazingly) an exact version of that body, NOS! It has had no holes drilled, totally brand new. Yes it's still plywood but I don't care.

I need a 24 fret neck, 6-inline. I don't want the 3x3 headstocks. I prefer the bigger headstock but the squatty NJ series are okay too. Preferably black headstock, NOT reverse, but I will entertain all offers, ANY condition. I can refret, refinish, etc. so as long as it has 24 frets for this particular neck joint I'm fine. With this body's blank trem area I can put an Edge on it, or a smaller non-locking trem, or whatever, so I can use one with any kind of nut, locking or non-locking.

Even if it has a cracked headstock or delaminating fretboard, I don't care. I have tons to trade so send me your neck along with a wish list if you have one, and/or a price.