$280 Shipped with the original box and manual. This is maybe the best sounding interface I've ever used, but I'm moving away from firewire and want to give this thing a good home. I've seen these go on ebay recently for $300+ and new it was around $600.

It's 24 bit/192KHz 8 input, 8 output, SPDIF, and has two inputs with mic preamps on them that can be used XLR or 1/4". It has an internal mixer you can use on the device or using the software on your computer. It also has phantom power for inputs 1 and 2. It's also a good MIDI interface, though it has conflicts with the Axe FX specifically for some reason. Any keyboard or drum machine I've hooked to it worked great though.

Mine is in stellar shape, having been kept indoors in a smoke-free environment for 2-3 years since I bought it. I've used it a lot and love it, but it's more than I need right now and I'm looking to part with it.