2 x Ceramic Nailbomb, open poled, black, Allen bolts in the screw coil (a bit more defintion and focused low end to add to the extra tightness of the ceramic magnet).

1 x Painkiller neck, battlescar cover.

1 x Holy Diver neck, unique 'Urban camo' cover, visible here

These can obviously be bought as sets, both necks go with the bridge model very well, though the covers are mismatched; they are easily removed if desired.

70 each, 130 for a pair or 250 for all of them, postage included for mainland UK.

Blackout neck. Completely compatible with EMGs (9/18V, 25k pots) so can be used in a set with one (I did for months with an 81).

50 posted.

Peavey Vypyr 30.

80 + postage.

Red Reissue Wammy - 100 posted.

Ibanez AD9 - 100 posted.

References: blankplank knows me, have traded quite a bit on BK pickups, 8-10+ names available on request (along with pics of the actual stuff; its all in very good condition, save by design (like the battlescar cover; it was like that when I bought it!)).