One year old Jackson Cow 6-string, came straight from Jackson UK distributor. Has been gigged twice and seen a couple of rehearsals/home recording, no scratches/dents, no fretwear, slight colour loss on the bass side of the bridge.

24 fret, bolt-on Mahogany neck,
Ebony board w/no inlays,
Reverse headstock
Arched-top Dinky Mahogany body,
String thru body,
Single Volume,
Bareknuckle Alnico Nailbomb,

No photos yet, but you can see it in action in this video:
[VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Collapse TV Episode 1‬‏[/VIDEO]

I'm interested mainly in ESP's, I'm particularly partial to flying V/Rhoads type models, potentially EX's, but tell me what else you've got and I may be interested.

Also potentially interested in trades for amps, Engl, Mesa, VHT.

Reply here or PM me with offers. Willing to ship, internationally for the right deal, meet up and trade preferred to save on potential courier ineptitude.