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Thread: C7 Hellraiser - Tux'ed out and BAD

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    C7 Hellraiser - Tux'ed out and BAD

    Model: Schecter C7 Hellraiser
    Model Year: Not sure... 2005-ish
    Modifications: White 707s, EMG AfterBurner, Black dome knobs with white pearloid tops, white selector switch tip, white powder-coated tuner buttons
    Condition: Excellent. There is one small (6 or 7mm) chip on the back (body-side) edge, near the output jack, and two or three tiny dings in the clear coat in one area on the front of the lower horn (both areas pictured). A little swirl on the back, but otherwise no real blemishes.
    Reason for Selling: Other projects.
    Price: $550USD plus shipping
    References: Same name on SS.org and eBay

    Thanks for looking, guys. Get at me!

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    Bolded your price because I had to skim your ad 3 times before I saw it.
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    Color coded it, since I had to skim it three times to find the bolded price.
    Division: American Metal without the suck.

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    LOL! Thanks guys! I'll try a less conversational format next time around, haha.

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    Just some paragraphs might help break it up a bit.

    Cool guitar, looks awesome... I'd definitely consider, but I'm waaaay over on gear these past few months.
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    I forgot to bump this with the price drop. Good way to spend your Christmas money...

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    Any odds you'd be open for a trade? I did see in your original post that you're looking for cash, but I thought i'd offer (RG565?)

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    The only six-string I'd consider is a white C1FR. Thanks for the offer though, bro.

    I've actually decided to part with the 608 before I part with this, but if someone offers me the original price I had posted (which I edited back into the post) then I'll still take it. Otherwise I'll just hang onto her. Thanks for looking guys.

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