Time to recoup some funds, and as usual that means selling things that I really do not want to sell.

First up; my ENGL Invader 100 half stack. It's less than 18 months old, literally just been serviced by ENGL and revalved with a matching quad of ENGL EL34's, comes flightcased in a full ATA hardcase made by Castle Cases, with ENGL's standard 412 angled cab, loaded with V60's (which sound far better with the Invader than the V30's IMO) and ENGL's Z9 footswitch, which I have never used (literally midi triggered only). All totally immaculate, with manuals. I'm also including a Silverstone amp covers thick padded vinyl cover for the 412 cab, with a matching blue trim to go with the Invader's LED colours

I'm looking for 2,000 O.V.N.O. (cost me 2,700) for the lot and I should also point out that it is currently 100 miles away from where I live, in the studio Splintered Soul's recording their album at. The reason being, the car was kinda full at the end of the last session, and I planned to bring it home after the NEXT session, which is from the 21st of November. So if you're interested and need a couple of weeks to get the cash, you got it! Obviously, I can't get this posted, so it is collection only. Remember, it's been serviced and revalved by ENGL, so for all intents and purposes, it's as new as it gets.

I'm also selling a TC Electronic Gmajor2, which has been kept in a good quality flightcase since day one, and also less than 18 months old. I have the original box, manual, everything. Again, immaculate, and I'm looking for 350 plus shipping (or not, if you're collecting).

Finally for this listing, I have my favourite noise gate to sell, the Samson S-Gate Quad. I've put it up against the ISP Decimator, and it's faster. You can even gate certain EQ frequencies, plus, it's called Quad because it's actually FOUR gates. If you have a G-System, RJM, or other form of looper, this is for you. It's also great in a studio environment.

I don't THINK I've taken it out of the box since I got it. Basically, I had the exact same one before but one of the gates broke, so I had it replaced. I can't remember if I used it since the replacement was sent other than to test it. It's basically been in it's box for a couple of years now, on a shelf, in new condition. Original invoice and manual is in the box. I paid 165 for it at a discounted price from Absolute Music Solutions, but I'm looking for 90 no offers.

PM for any questions or interest. I'm sure there's lots more I could say but I'm running late for work right now, so catch you guys later.