Just a few things for sale:

POD Studio GX (just one input) I don't have the disc, however I will give you the Line6 login and you can download POD Farm and such. I've used this to record all guitar, bass, and vocals up until this point and it is a great unit, doesn't take up much space, works great as an ASIO driver using other VSTs and Impulses (non PODFarm). It's in great condition, has sat at my desk since I got it. $50 shipped

Morley Classic Wah in good shape, I'm just not much of a wah guy.
$40 shipped

Proco Rat Great condition, true bypass, red LED, not an original but it sounds great.
$40 shipped

Would prefer to sell, I am selling to fund some new Mic's, would be interested in a trade for some. Especially a MXL R144 and/or a Shure 55SHII.