Hey guys i got these planning to do this build but i just dont have the time or the money spare to do it right now.

Marshall Style Turret BoardIts made from Glass reinforced epoxy and is very heat resistant. The turrets are tinned brass which helps with soldering.

10 with layouts that include triode/pentode switching.
I can also get a transformer set for this project for around 150 iirc.

Little Angel Chorus Birthday Edition

This i have left over from a batch and its a very nice chorus and it includes fixes from the earlier versions where the PT froze. I have built a few of these and its a very clear & subtle chorus effect.
here is a youtube demo
[VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsbcD4txfZg]Little Angel Chorus - YouTube[/VIDEO]

10 also with the layout that includes the BOM

Oh also ill be doing a step by step build of the little angel over the christmas period so thats an extra thrown in!

Or you can get both of these for 15 + postage