*will update with pics tonight when I get home*

Price: 500 without shipping. (Ideally shipping to U.K only)
Description: American stereo poweramp, comes with transformer and is fitted with 4 6L6 tubes.

Stereo Poweramp


These are old poweramps hence wear and tear. This poweramp would benefit from a full service/retube, the presence dial on the A (left) channel is loose so the presence level doesn't stay fixed but it's just a simple mechanical issue with the dial which I am told by a local tech can be easily fixed. The tubes in it have been there since I bought it a year ago and are running fine, they've hardly had much use since. The LED on the front is also broken (this is just the power LED) but again this could also be replaced with a service.

Note: this poweramp is in PERFECT working condition.

Perfect in combination with Axe-Fx.

References: Stitch/Simon, have sold/traded on this board before as well as sneap forums.