Description from ModToneís website:
The ModTone Chromatic Floor Tuner is an automatic, accurate and convenient floor unit with a tolerance of + /- 3% and is housed in a sealed corrosion resistant metal chassis and is built to last for years. Our proprietary silent circuitry means no signal drop or loss when placed in the signal path between your instrument and amplifier. The noiseless mute function allows for quick and silent tuning without signal bleed so all you have to do is step, tune and get back to business!
Condition (8/10) Bought it used and cleaned it up but it still has some light wear.

My buddyís home studio (where Iím usually hanging out) already has 2 or 3 Boss TU-2s hanging around so Iím putting this towards a strobe. No box (didnít come with one) or instructions (most of you should be able to figure it out) so Iím just trying to make back most of what I spent a month or two ago.

Asking $50 shipped o.b.o. ($79.99 retail) would prefer paypal but can also do money order or if youíre close enough to the greater Seattle area I can meet up with you. If youíre not in the US, feel free to PM me and we can try working something out.

Had good deals with DonBot, 7 Dying Trees, Elysian and more.