Mesa Boogie Solo 50 Single Recto

50 Watts, comes with footswitch, MIDI cable for the footswitch (long as hell... 40 ft I think) and a soft headcover. Comes with the original power tubes (6l6s) which are in great condition, and it comes with JJ E34Ls that are currently in there, Groove Tube E34Ls that are brand new, and Tung Sol ECC83. The head is in great condition, very minimal wear. It has only seen a handful of shows. Clean channel has "clean/pushed" switch and crunch channel has Raw/Vintage/Modern switch.

I'd like to get $900 shipped for it, the cover, and all the tubes.

As far as trade wise, I would be interested in a 5150 or 6505 of some sort, a VHT/Fryette Deliverance, and a (long shot) Soldano Hot Rod 50. Only interested in heads.

I will post more pics tomorrow.