I bought this a while back as my main 6. However, no matter how many times I buy a 6 string, they never get any play, so I sell them all off.

Here be the next in line.

It's a Pearl White BC Rich Gunslinger with an EMG 85 in the bridge. It's HSS. The other two pickups are unknown to me, they were there when I got it and I haven't checked them, and currently they are disconnected. The middle is a single and the neck is a rail humbucker (SC sized) that says Duncan Performer on it.

It's in good condition. Somewhere down the line, a previous owner carved his name, phone number and social on the heel plate and the trem. Someone also carved S R T on the underside of the guitar. Someone also seems to have routed the pickup cavities a little bit too much so that the pickup rings don't cover it all, but it's not bad at all.

The neck is amazing, it's in great condition. The headstock doesn't appear damaged at all. However, it seems someone cut the truss rod cover in a way that you could get to the truss rod without removing it.

It says Made In Korea on the rear of the headstock and the serial is E706159. I don't know how to date BC Riches, so maybe that will help.

I don't have pictures yet, because my wife has it and she's at work, but she gets home at 9:30, so I'll get some then. Until then, I'll describe it.

The body is Pearl White (as in, from a distance, it's white, but if you get up close you can see little reflective pearlescent [sp?] flakes). The fretboard is rosewood with 22 frets. It's Hum-sing-sing, as I said before, with an EMG 85 in the bridge. The headstock is black, 6 in line and is a shape I haven't seen often.

Here's a pic I found online of the head shape

As for what I want in a trade:

Low-Mid end 7 string guitars (any brand)
An Agile interceptor would be great. Don't care which one, just one that is 27"

As for the FS part: $250 shipped