First of all, I am in a band in Seattle with DonBot, my ebay is teebalicious, and I have a 100% ebay rating with 99 transactions.

I have some stuff for sale, so here's the CL listing with a few pics: FS/FT: Roland drums, Suhr, Mesa, Egnater amps

The text of the ad (note, the prices are a bit on the steep side to allow wiggle room for CL hagglers, so don't be afraid to make an offer). Buyers to pay ACTUAL SHIPPING AND PACKING. My UPS Store has been flawless for the last 7 years, and having them pack it also ensures a MUCH easier claim should anything go wrong. So just be aware of that.

Also, I am in the market for a Mac Book Pro, if you have one for trade

Time to clear out some stuff I don't use! **All prices are negotiable, and I'm open to trades for premium gear** - no, offering me a broken iPad and 3 hubcaps from a 72 Datsun isn't gonna cut it. Gibson and Carvin guitars, Fryette amps, high end bass gear, and stuff of that ilk would be more my style. Partial trades for cool stuff might also be possible - cool lap steels, funky import guitars, etc. I'd be looking to add unique sounds to my collection, not random junk.

Onward to the gear1

1. Roland TD12K drum kit: has extra cymbal and tom pad. In excellent condition. I bought it from a church, for crying out loud. It sounds great, feels great. I'm moving back to acoustic drums because I hate my neighbors. $1800

2. Mesa 2 channel Triple Recto modded to take KT88 output tubes: First, the 2 channel Rectos just sound better. Less complicated, and the gain channel is right in between the 2 and 3 channels on the later ones. It's a sweet spot the newer ones miss. Second, the mod (which involves changing the bias resistors and a few other parts) was professionally done by a very well respected tech. Third, this amp LOVES the KT88s. A tighter, more "immediate" tube, with a better low end and a flatter midrange, it solves most of the complaints about Rectos immediately - boomy, indistinct bass, fuzzy top end, cluttered mids, all cleaned up by the high power KT88. Not to mention they sound great at all volume levels - increasing the volume just seems to add more authority. They also raise the clean headroom, and add high end detail. Oh, the KT88s are also rated higher in wattage. Need to rid your house of all living things? Put this bad boy on four. And say goodbye to the thought of having kids. Luckily, it sounds good at less than Budokan levels.

Seriously, the best sounding Recto I've ever heard. Eventually I'm going to do this to a 50 watt Single Recto for my studio. But recording, I don't need goat-neutering power. If you play live, tho, this amp is amazing. $1450

3. Egnater "Seminar" 50 watt head: Bruce Egnater used to do amp building seminars, where he would provide a kit of premium parts and supervise the hand-wiring of one of his modded JCM800 designs. This one was built meticulously under Bruce's supervision by a fella that now makes his own amps. The sound goes from AC/DC JMP45ish to total DiMartini/George Lynch 80's tones. You could easliy cover all of Master of Puppets with this amp as well. Very smooth, very liquid sound.

Don't confuse this with Bruce's licensed designs you see in Guitar Center. This is a hand made boutique amp designed by one of the great gurus of Marshall tone. These rarely come up for sale, and are rarely of this build quality. I just have too many "Marshally" amps, so this one goes. $1600

4. Suhr Badger 30 (w/El34s): 30 watt boutique head, in brand new condition. Kinda a Vox meets Marshall thing, with maybe a touch of the Dumble going on. Great cleans, and a very nice midrangey crunch, that goes from SRV edge to liquid Scott Henderson. I wouldn't use it for metal or hard rock past 1984, but for anything short of Cinderella it's a KILLER amp. If you're looking to pwn noobs at Uncle Shorty's Clam Shack and Blues Hut's open jam, take this with ya. It has Power Scaling to get that power tube crunch at all volumes, too!

These are $2K new, get this one for $1750.

5. For you bottom feeders, I do have:
Marshall JCM 2000 100 watt 2 channel head - works, but has some buzzing going on, could use a tech's care: $650
Carvin Legacy 100 watt head - power light takes a sec to come on, input jack a little funky, but sounds great: $400
Carvin VT50 50 watt amp head, Hasserl modded, switch takes the clipping diodes in or out of the circuit. Great sounding head: $450