As I said in the Vypyr post, I'm simply selling this as my 5150 GAS is hitting epic proportions.

Nice 2 channel 60W hot rod Marshall type amp, with built in switchable effects. If you want the sound of the 80's on a budget, this will do it.

For full specs: Ashdown Engineering | Guitar Amplification

I've recently fully retubed the amp (about 3hrs use) with a Tung-Sol in V1, high gain JJ's in the rest of the preamp and JJ E34L's in the power section, at a cost of 85. I've also changed the stock cooling fan for a red LED one and added internal LED strips to light the amp up, all of which is totally reversable.

It's in reasonable condition, but has a few marks & the odd tear as you'd expect from an amp that has obviously been gigged regularly. Also the sound fades in and out sometimes at high volume levels, so the amp will need a service to investigate. I suspect the input jack is becoming worn, but don't take that as gospel.

Looking for 150 collected from Grays, or add 20 for UK shipping.