Absolutely mint condition, used primarily as a practice/small jam amp, and sounds awesome from "roommate is sleeping" up through "small jam with drummer into big cab" levels. Still has the 50th Anniversary sticker on it.

Sounds incredibly authentic, going from sparkling cleans to Marshall aggression at apartment volumes, and takes pedals well. A very satisfying, big-sounding amp, and the fact that it can run as a preamp or direct recording amp makes it even more versatile.

Only considering selling because I played a JVM1 (which has some pretty ridiculous saturation on tap and sounds like pretty much every 90s rock band on record) and think that the JVM would be more suited to my desires then the more versatile, more aggressive, and more "classic" JCM. Also, my other stuff isn't really selling, so I may have to get rid of this to make up for that

Looking for $650 shipped, but I reserve the right to pull the offer if I come to my senses.