Axcess analog chorus pedal. Can't find much info on this. Sounds great. Really like it on cleans but since I got it, it's just been sitting here. Excellent shape.

$25 shipped to the US.

Electro Harmonix Metal Muff. Awesome pedal. Very 80s metal sounding. But again, I just have no use for it. Thought about getting the EH 44 Magnum pedal to make a killer little practice rig out of this pedal and my 1x12 cab, but whatever. Maybe I will if it doesn't sell. Like new. Comes with box.

$45 shipped to the US.

Carvin XP2 effects processor. Decent shape. No real rack rash. Works great but kind of a bitch to program(atleast for me). I didn't really spent a whole lot of time with it, to be honest. I just used it for delay in my live set-up.
Manual for the XP2/XP4 here:

$45 shipped to the US.

References: Leon.

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