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    Pedals and such

    Boss Acoustic Simulator AC-3 = $45
    Boss Harmonist PS-6 = $85
    PlanetWaves tuner = $25
    Boss PSM-5 (wtf is this thing?) = $25
    Rocktron Hush pedal = $45
    Morley FX Blender = $45
    Rondo pedal case = $55


    Shipping via USPS, not included, from 43402.

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    That tuner will not only tune your guitar and bass, but it can act as a sledgehammer, doorstop, portable anvil, or personal defense weapon.

    The casing on it is so thick that the TSA actually stopped me and searched my bag to ensure it wasn't explosive or hiding contraband.
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    The PSM is a power supply and effects loop, so you can turn on/off a bunch of pedals at once.

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    tell me more about the case---

    does it have room under the floor for cable routing? mounts with Velcro? does it tilt?
    just passing through....

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    I know a couple guys who use the psm as a kill switch.

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