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    I have to sell a whole bunch of gear and this is sort of a feeler thread but this guitar is for sale. Most of you would have seen the thread on ss.org where I started to remove the finish, I've taken more off but due to how long it takes the way I'm doing it and the fact I need to raise some cash quickly I've decided to refinish it.

    So this thread is to say it's for sale and if anyone here is interested they can decide on whether they want it painted, stained or left as it is.

    If you want it as it is I would like to gets $1500 AUD + expenses. If you want it refinished the price will depend on what you want.

    My ebay ID is firedragonxsmc

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    -points at sig-

    Got any prices on those items?

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    What are you interested in?

    I was thinking of starting the RG7EXFX2 at about $1000 AUD on eBay tommorrow, the Pod at a starting price of $500 looking to get $600+. Our dollar is at a 5 year low here at the moment so that may be a good price for people living abroad, I suppose it depends on where you live, of course I would have to work out postage and you would have to factor any duties that may be applicable.

    If your interested in anything in particular shoot me a PM and we will see what we can work out otherwise I am going to try to have it all on eBay locally tomorrow with overseas postage only by prior approval.

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