So I have the following and I would rather trade the whole lot with one person. Sorry cannot deliver, but I'm in Devon (Exeter) and you are more than welcome to come check it all out.

Don't really want to split as this rig sounds great!

It is all in very good condition and sounds sweet with the quality valves.
Jet City 50H head ( I added pointer knobs as it is easier to see on stage) with foot-switch. Two channel Soldano type / hot rodded Marshall tone with 2 channels.

Jet City 4x12 stereo / mono cab
Jet City 2x12 stereo / mono cab closed back
Set of matched NOS Svetlana Winged C 6L6 tubes x 4 (so spares as the amp only needs two)

Set of quality preamp tubes Golden Dragon and JJS Ec83s / 12AX7s
Plus you can have the original Jet City tubes for backups.

Could swap the lot for either a smaller amp or possibly a guitar
Value wise I suppose in a trade I would want somewhere in the 600 - 650 region for the lot, cash wise would possibly accept a bit less, but I would rather trade for a smaller amp or a guitar to be honest.

I just need the space as it is all sat in the corner of the room looking awesome. I'm using combo amps live these days.