Description: Selling an ADA MP-1 Midi Programmable Tube Preamp. Most famous for being the magic box everyone used in the Shred 'n Heavy 80s/90s days. If you're into early Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt, White Lion, Skid Row, this thing nails it. Still THE Shred tone imho.

It's a very highly modded version (3TM Ultra+) featuring lots of upgrades, here's a list:

* Fully Modded MP-1 with the ADA Depot 3TM (3-Tube) Mod
* (3) Specialty High-Gain Graded JJ-Tesla ECC83S Tubes
* MOD0.0 (New Revision of the Noise-Mod)
* Battery Mod (New Li Battery and Clip Base)
* Updated EPROM (v2.01)
* New Revision of the Rear Jack Conversion Mod
* New MDRT transformer with higher HT voltage and current mod
* Metal film resistors in audio pad OD1 for lowest noise
* Replacement of U4(OD1) and U17(tonesection) opamps
* High quality replacement caps in audio pad for best sound

More details at this address: MP1<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <title>MP1 3tm ULTRA

Location: Italy

Contact Info: francesco.filigoi AT

References: Lots of stuff sold and traded here and other forums, user "francescofiligoi" on ebay with 100% positive feedback.

Price: 499, very cheap considered the mods only cost 565 and the unit usually goes for 200 or higher.