Hey guys i have this super nice EVH cab up for grabs. i just have 2 heads and only one cab to play them through i figured i didnt need such an expensive cab and could sell this or trade this or in order to get myself 2 lower end cabs.

Here is a link to the cab

EVH 5150III 412 Guitar Extension Cabinet | GuitarCenter

as you can see they sell for 999 new, so i would like to start bidding off at $700 but that price is pretty dang flexible. or i would like to trade for 2 other cabs. 4x12's, 2x12's, or any combo of the two. no 1x12's unless its pretty nice.

and of course i would prefer this to be a local deal. this thing weights a metric fuckton so shipping will be a major bitch.

i have several trades over on SSO with GeoffreySun and Tbieber09, im on eBay as schectermark.

sorry crappy cell pics