Absolutely no use for these now, and I'm in a 'selling shit off' mode, so would like to get rid of these.

Korg DTR-1000
All the bits that face into the rack unit are a bit scratched, but it looks great from the front and works 100%. I think I have its original box. No conventional power cord, but it does have a cord for connecting to a power conditioner's socket. This kind:

Behringer FCB1010
Pretty much mint condition, despite having been gigged for years. Comes with a 20ft power cable, same plug type as above, and a 20ft MIDI cable. Still got the original box and whatever else comes in the box.

Looking for 50 on each of them, plus postage for the FCB as it's a big bastard.

Refs here, on ss.org and jemsite.com as leec. I'll get pics if people want them.