The necessary stuff. No trades please. Selling to pay off some bills.

I have itrader on SSo, but I have also done quite a few deals on here as well. I've had good deals with Leon, TMM, and more. Ebay username - lustcalledknowledge. 100% positive feedback.

First is a 2013 Mac Mini 2.5ghz dual core i5, 4gb of ram. Mint condition, bought brand new. Comes with an older Apple USB Keyboard that has a USB 2.0 dock on the face. The keyboard is very comfortable to use. There are 4 usb ports, 1 firewire port, 1 thunderbolt port, 1 hdmi port, 1 ethernet. You can look up the specs on apple's website. I don't have as much spare time as I would like to justify keeping a desktop. I'll eventually grab a laptop to get back into it.

There is a free update to Mavericks, but I haven't done it yet. I only used this computer for recording and occasional web browsing. I have a PC for all the other stuff.

Comes with the power cable and keyboard. I don't have that little hdmi adapter thing it came with anymore. They are cheap, though. Lots of plugins left installed. I currently have Pro Tools 10 and 11 installed on the computer. I'm pretty sure I can leave them installed, but you will need to provide your own ilok and license for it. I'll leave all the plugins I can that I won't need to transfer over. PM me for a list of plugs.

Asking $450 + shipping, paypal'd.

Next up is an Apogee Quartet. Less than 6 months old. Minty. It still had the film on the touch screen up until a few weeks ago. A friend of mine came over and took it off. Ass. It sounds fantastic and the touchpads are crazy useful. The Maestro software that you can use with it allows you to customize the touch pads. You can use up to 3 sets of monitors. It is a little more than I need currently so I'm downgrading and extra is going to bills.

Comes with all the cables. Usb cable, power cable, and the other cables so you can hook it up to a iPad (30pin and lightning).

Asking $1200 + shipping, Paypal'd.

iRig HD. Used a few times. Absolutely love the clarity and sound compared to the Jamup Plug. However, I need the ability the keep my phone on the charger when using those apps while I teach. So I use the Plug more often even though this is nicer. If I were just playing shows or recording with the IOS stuff, I'd use this.

Comes with all the cables. USB, Lightning and 30 pin.

Asking $60 + shipping, paypal'd.

I'm basically selling off stuff I'm not using or going to be using. I have this Audio Technica Ath-M40fs. Had'em for awhile. Rarely ever used them. I know the price have dropped on these since I bought them. 1/4" end.

Asking $20 + shipping, but feel free to shoot me an offer.