Have several pedals for sale. All items are in London, UK. I will ship internationally if buyer pays. There's a vintage japanese boss cs2, maxxon d&s (reissue), plane waves and korg tuners, MXR chorus and Boss LS2.

All these need to go, I am open to offers for all of them.

1) Maxxon D&S in very good condition. 30 psoted in UK, otherwise 25 + postage costs to wherever.

2) Korg Pitch Black tuner. Good condition, used for one tour, in perfect working order. 45 posted in UK, or 40 + postage to outside UK

3) Planet waves strobe tuner. Home use only. 25 posted UK, 20 + postage everywhere else.

4) Boss LS-2 Line selector pedal. Definitely used, so outside has taken more than a few knocks, but works perfectly. 45 posted in UK, 40 + shipping otherwise

5) MXR ANalogue Chorus, mint condition. This has lived in a rack drawer at home. Since geting the G-System I no longer need it, great pedal, as new, yours for 50 posted in UK, or 45 + shipping elsewhere.

6) Boss vintage black label 80's japanese CS-2 Compressor. Again, downsizing due to the G-System. This is a fantastic compressor, I bought it from Japan, and has served me well. Has the knocks and wear you'd expect from a pedal of it's age, but works perfectly. 85 shipped UK or 80 plus shipping elsewhere.