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Thread: AxeFx IIXL/MatrixGT1000/Furman PL+C/Gator Case/GCP

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    AxeFx IIXL/MatrixGT1000/Furman PL+C/Gator Case/GCP

    My band disbanded, and I'd rather not have $2500~ in crap depreciating in my basement, so it's up for sale. Being all digital gear I'm not sure what to say... No comments about tubes being fresh or whatever... I got the axe new in May 2014, never dropped it, always babied it, always drove like I had a pyramid of crystal wine glasses on top of my car when I drove with it. The matrix I got second hand, and it's one of the only digital power amps that really open/break up similar to how tubes do. The Furman I got new, all functional, looks new. Gator case is a little beat up, I got that second hand. And the Ground Control pro is an awesome cheap, military grade option for a cheap option of axe controllers. All will be included. I'll ship insured, obviously. Cab is a Port City OS212 wave. Incredible cab, probably my favorite part of the rig. Effects and low frequencies breathe better through it than any other cab I've played. For this: only local(2~hrs to X destination from Chicago, and only driving for a guaranteed sale, if you wanna try it, you gotta drive), and asking $550, though, is currently on hold.
    I think $2600 is a more than fair shipped price for the rack and the controller considering new the pre and power amps are $2500 and $750 respectively. Only trades I may accept are MKV25, 6505MH, or other equally awesome small amps.
    References: Drew Leon boots Cameron Lopez list goes on I can't remember everyone.
    $2600 shipped for rack
    $550 local for cab
    Uploading pic to abysmally slow photobucket mobile ATM. Add/message me on Facebook @Teddy Woods for quickest response but I'll check here once a day in addition to my Normal lurking. If there's anything wrong with the ad let me know.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Shit Teddy that sucks about the band. Teddy is awesome to deal with.
    Learn to be quick anyone can be slow

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    Location: Chicago, Il
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    Rig: MKV25, Port City OS Wave

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    First of all im sad you are selling this and that your band is no more. BUT are you willing to part it out? I would def take the gator case.

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    That is a killer deal on a sweet rig. I wish I could take it off your hands.

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    Location: Chicago, Il
    ME: Strat
    Rig: MKV25, Port City OS Wave

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    Lucas: That is the most single inconvenient thing you could ask out of this 'Yeah no just the thing that holds the other three together and safe, yeah that one'
    I'm not reaaaaally looking to separate stuff. The axe or everything but the axe would be one thing because the SS rig is applicable to line6, kemper, etc. sorry
    But yeah. Bassist has a kid on the way, Vox/guitarist is occupied by work, me with school. I still really want to write with them, but a full time practicing/active band isn't that plausible.

    Also I don't have the key for the rack, so not necessarily as bad as say... Forgetting a Floyd Rose arm.
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    You have your rack set out just like mine. Really makes my OD go crazy not having it in boot order but i like living on the edge, so im not changing it. Would also love to try one of those cabs. Yet to hear a bad thing about them. Unfortunately import costs are to high for me and the used market inst very kind. But if i ever see one at a reasonable price im jumping on it. Good luck with the sale man!

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    Dude, are you sure yo want to sell this? You may form another band when your timetable clears up a bit or anything.

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