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Thread: Foreign Films

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    Foreign Films

    Anyone have any favorite films?

    I just checked out one called, "Solaris." There is an American version with George Clooney but from what I heard it had little to do with this 1977 Russian work.

    I didn't think it was "amazing" but since being a film from quite a bit ago and also Steven Spielberg has sited Andrei Tarkovsky (director of Russian Solaris) as an inspiration to make vivid films. The colors and the filming for Solaris was very well done.

    Anyone else catch this film and/ or have any favorites ? I do also want to see Stalker from the same director.

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    Solaris (movie) It is based on the science fiction novel by Polish writer Stanisław Lem
    Well.. I didn't see it...
    But I like a lot of foreign movies... Polish... hmmm.. French
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    Oldboy is one of my favourite foreign language films, great movie!

    Also there are some amazing, very dark Polish animated short films such as The Ark, Moloch and Katedra (not so dark) that i've really enjoyed.

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    I LOVE "foreign films".

    Anything by the great masters or new directors, any decade. : Kieslowski (Poland), Fellini (Italy), Wenders (Germany), Antonioni (Italy), Kurosawa (Japan), Truffaut (France), Wong Kar Wai (Hong-Kong), Lynch (U.S.A), etc.

    I'm quite a fan of german expressionism (1920-30's) German Expressionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also a fan of the french new wave. (1950-60's) French New Wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And many, many other stuff.
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    I watched Fremde Haut last weekend. That was a weird movie

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    I watch lots of foreign films. Like, anything from the US

    (seriously, though, I've been in Blockbuster stores in Canada and seen Canadian films on the "Foreign" shelf )

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    Uhm, I don't really think in terms of "foreign films." Because, well, would Japanese movies be foreign movies? Well, they aren't foreign to me. I guess since I live in Japan, I could consider American movies "foreign films," but I don't because I'm American.

    Good movies are good movies. I do tend to watch a ton of movies from countries other than the US in case that's what the question is asking. I watch more films from Japan than any other country (besides the US), but I also watch movies from Germany, Korea, China, the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, India, Australia, and other countries as well. The main ones are from the US and Japan, I guess.

    Of course, every country has good, bad, excellent, and horrible movies, so

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    the japanese version of pulse is great (japan clearly)
    trois coleurs: rouge blanc et bleu is another favourite (france)
    yojimbo of course (japan again)
    chung king express (Hong Kong) (and anything else done by wong kar wai)

    and my alltime favourite, a taste of cherry (iran, abbas kairostami)
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