Interested in the lives of circus and movie primates?

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Thread: Interested in the lives of circus and movie primates?

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    Interested in the lives of circus and movie primates?

    [VIDEO]] The Wauchula Woods Accord: Toward a New Understanding of Animals (9780743295864): Charles Siebert: Books[/VIDEO]

    I'm only a quarter of the way done, but this is a fascinating read. The author visits a chimpanzee and orangutan sanctuary in Florida, filled with prior circus, movie, zoo, and television performers, and comments on the peculiar behavioral quirks and habits he observes. Some of the tails will absolutely break your heart, like the screams of chimps waking up from nightmares, to the tail of an orangutan used as a sex slave in Asia by a palm oil plantation worker. The book is pretty innocuous most of the time, as the author waxes philosophical about the relationship he was with one chimp loaner, and then BAM, ugly account of human cruelty that will make you want to cry.

    I picked this up solely based upon his interview on NPR one morning. The guy has a way of telling a story that just sucks you in.
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    Added to my amazon wishlist. I was looking for book recommendations yesterday and all I got was lame responses like "The Twilight Saga". This, however, is the kind of thing I was after
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    I hear chimps screams in my nightmares. Those things are evil, people that keep them as pets are insane.

    I find the part where they say no history of violence ridiculous. Chimpanzees are wild animals, they are very aggressive and violent and it's in their nature to behave in this manner. Humans don't cause chimpanzees to go berserk, though they can make it worse, chimps do that on their own. I've worked in a zoo with some and If you spend anytime around them you will find this out very fast. They are strong, intelligent, and very violent. Scary creatures... I'm more afraid of a chimp than a lion for instance.
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