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Thread: Interesting article on CSI/Crime genres...

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    Interesting article on CSI/Crime genres...

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    Had to do a response paper on this for my Intro to Criminology course and it's pretty interesting, especially if you're one of the types who are addicted to this shit. Personally, the only crime genre I watch here and there is Criminal Minds because it doesn't rely on all forensics and it's profiling and what-have you and from what I've seen, it's more believe to break down into an hour long drama versus the months they'll skip over for CSI.

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    lol yeah in my computer forensics class my teacher was saying one time how she hated those shows

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    I remember learning about the CSI effect back when I was studying Law Enforcement. I remember my professor going on and on about jurors thinking there was semen on everything. We actually spent a good deal of time in one of the first criminal justice courses I took covering things that happen on television crime dramas verses what happens in real life. Odd thing is, I find the real life stuff more interesting than the TV version.

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    Haha! That video is awesome!

    My enjoyment of those kinds of shows severely diminishes when they've challenged my suspension of disbelief – and failed – by crossing the line between the plausible use of technology to the completely outlandish.

    I've also seen a few articles in the last few years about "The CSI Effect" and how people's often unrealistic expectations of forensic evidence (particularly fingerprints and DNA) has changed how juries look at criminal cases.

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