2 Movies in a day: Book of Eli and From Paris with Love

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Thread: 2 Movies in a day: Book of Eli and From Paris with Love

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    2 Movies in a day: Book of Eli and From Paris with Love

    I had my car in the shop today so there was plenty of time to kill.

    The first was: The Book of Eli

    I had heard a few good things about this so I went in expecting the best. I wouldn't say it was the best but it was worth my 6 or so bucks. Denzel is still a great actor at his age and it gave me a whole Fallout 3 kinda vibe...not sure if they were going for it but it was there. Gary Oldman always plays awesome roles when he is the bad guy too. Great actor. The only bad thing I can think of is Milla Kunis didn't show her tits...

    I like how the "book" ending up being the bible...picked that up from a mile away. I love how it was written in Braile...

    Movie #2: From Paris with Love

    I wouldn't say this was a sleeper by any means, although I had high expectations after I saw the previews (expectations in the vein of a unrealistic action film with testosterone and lots of violence/guns/explosions)

    I'd say Travolta fit his role pretty well however. He usually does a great job at playing the bad guy...and this time he was a merc more or less...so yah. Movies like this do make me wonder when hollywood is going to stop using/exploiting terrorism and radical islamics in movies...getting kinda old. IMO it's almost like it's glamorizing the wartime situation.

    The Pulp Fiction throw back gave me a chuckle

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    Book of Eli:

    My brother told me Book of Eli was shit before I went to see it. His complaint? Dude was making headshots from super far away with a 9mm pistol, kung-fu'ing the shit out of people and generally being a bad ass, and turned out to be blind.

    After I saw the movie, I was like "You DO realize you missed the entire point of the whole movie, right?"

    Haven't seen From Paris With Love yet.

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    I for one HATED the reference to Pulp Fiction in From Paris With Love

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    Book of Eli, saw it today.
    Really good movie, love the scenery, and Denzel great as always.

    The Industrialist

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    Hated... and I mean hated Book of Eli. The plot was horrible and to top things off it was about the bible. I didn't think you could screw up a postapo movie so badly. I should have just watched The Road Warrior again.

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