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Thread: Silent movies

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    Silent movies

    Anyone else here dig these? I have an on and off kick with silent films. The older methods of film making, camera angles, dialog (if any), and overall mood aren't really found anymore unless you're the underground film hipster sort (which I'm far from... So if I'm missing out on something... Post it)

    Faust (1926)
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Faust - The Flight[/VIDEO]

    Un Chien Andalou
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Un Chien Andalou - Trailer[/VIDEO]

    And they don't necessarily have to be old...

    Begotten (nice touch with the Katatonia)

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - GONE: The Suicide of GOD[/VIDEO]
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    That Katatonia one tripped me out a bit the first time I saw it.
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    I couldnt find a clip but here is a snipper

    The movie is called Grass

    Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life (1925) is a silent documentary film which follows a branch of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia (today Iran) as they and their herds make their seasonal journey to better pastures. It is considered one of the earliest ethnographic documentary films. It was written by Richard Carver and Terry Ramsaye.

    The film is Merian C. Cooper, Ernest Schoedsack, and Marguerite Harrison's documentation of their journey from Angora (modern-day Ankara, Turkey) to the Bakhtiari lands of western Iran, in what is now the western part of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and the eastern part of Khuzestan. They then follow Haidar Khan as he leads 50,000 of his people and countless animals on a harrowing trek across the Karun River and over Zard Kuh, the highest peak in the Zagros Mountains. In filming the journey, Cooper, Schoedsack, and Harrison became the first Westerners to make the migration with the Bakhtiari.
    haxan witchcraft through the ages is pretty awesome

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages, Black Mass[/VIDEO]

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    Amazing film.
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    I silent films.

    5 of my favorites :

    - Cabinet of Dr Caligari
    - Metropolis
    - Birth of a nation
    - Abel Gance's Napoleon
    - Potemkin
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    +1 on Faust, Nosferatu, Metropolis, Dr. Caligari, Birth of a Nation and Haxan.

    I'd like to give a nod to anything Buster Keaton, including The General, The Cameraman and Sherlock, Jr.

    Dude was comedy genius.
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    The Gold Rush.

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