So, I wasn't extremely interested in seeing this movie, though it looked decent enough, it wasn't advertised all that well. After seeing it, I can understand why the trailers wouldn't want to give too much away. What got my curiosity going was actually the T-Shirt Hell guy He had a theory about the plot that interested me (I'll put it in spoiler tags so it won't spoil anything ).

He posted on facebook his theory that this movie was about Kurt Cobain, after seeing it (and an interview clip with writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait), it definitely is a little bit about Kurt, but not biographically (as the T-shirt Hell guy was thinking). It's moreso about people who are treated differently after their deaths. Also, there's a cameo from Krist Novoselic

At any rate, this movie really surprised me. Very good movie, very well written, with a few genuinely funny moments, though overall darker than you'd expect. Robin Williams is excellent as he usually is in quirky/dark/serious roles. No goofiness at all in this movie.

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