Predators, who has seen it?

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Thread: Predators, who has seen it?

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    Predators, who has seen it?

    I went today to see it. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. There was some minor pacing issues towards the beginning, but once it kicked it, it kicked in good! And the big climactic battle kicked all sorts of ass!

    It was a definite nod to the original without completely re-hashing it, treading its own ground. All in all it made for a fun action film.

    Biggest Surprise, Adrien Brody. I thought he played his character well without being too over the top. Arnold's character was cool, but Brody was more realistic in terms of who you'll actually find working as a mercenary. After a few lines, I couldn't even tell it was Mr. Pianist.

    Anyone else see it?
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    I have.
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    Hoping to soon

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