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    Let Me In

    First of all, I'm probably one of the 10 people in the US who's seen the original, 'Let the Right One In.' (Hyperbole, but you get me. Woefully unknown movie.)

    That said, I was a bit skeptical about this movie at first. Well... highly, actually. The original is not only the best vampire movie I've ever seen, it's also one of the best, most artistic, touching, and beautiful (in terms of story and cinematography) films in general I've ever seen. Just blown away. NOT your typical vampire shlock, as those who've seen it can attest. For reference, it has a 97% rating on rottentomatoes.com, one of the highest rated movies in the last 5 years. Just amazing.

    However, after seeing the trailers, and while feeling conflicted, also feeling intrigued, I read up a bit on it. From what I'm getting so far, the remake (from the director of 'Cloverfield,' one of my favorite movies of all time) is a) very true to the original, in all aspects, b) is beautiful and terrific, and c) finally takes a very different interpretation of the main characters' relationship at the end. Which to me, after thought and reflection, makes sense. Why else remake the movie? Just so that there's an English language clone? Pointless. the subtitles were fine, and the movie was an absolute masterpiece. But to put a slight, yet deep, spin on the premise of the story in conclusion seems almost brilliant, and maybe makes it worthwhile.

    I'm going to see it. For sure.

    Stars Chloe Moretz (who was fantastic as Hit Girl, in 'Kick-Ass')
    as the vampire Abby. And the creepy kid from 'The Road' as the creepy kid and Abby's.... 'interest.'

    Terrific review from bloodydisgusting.com (spoilers)
    Bloody Disgusting Horror - "Let Me In (Let the Right One In remake)" Movie Info, Review, Headlines, Gallery

    Trailer. What a great tag line. "Innocence dies. Abby doesn't."


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    I'm super-skeptical, since I loved the original, and US remakes usually suck ass. However, I'm sure I'll give it a shot - the weirdness will be missed, though.

    Edit: After reading the reviews, maybe it won't be missed. If the film is as described, I can't imagine how he got it past the studio...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    I'm super-skeptical, since I loved the original, and US remakes usually suck ass. However, I'm sure I'll give it a shot - the weirdness will be missed, though.
    The bloodydisgusting article mentioned how that it's in many ways almost a scene-for-scene re-shoot, so, hopefully the weird will still be there.

    The 'androgynous' bits, however, if you know what I mean, will not be.

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    Seems they're remaking The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor) as well. Suspicious of that one as well. But both films have good directors at the helm, so they could turn out pretty good. Who knows?

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    i'm extremely skeptical as well. i loved the original. i just don't get this urge to re make a film..

    these remakes and the super snappy teen oriented "independent films" seem to be the current flavour of the week. i hope they die. i much prefer huge explosions and gratuitous violence over these.

    oh and one more thing, i dread the day when they think it's cool to remake films by legends like bergman(i really hope they never get the idea to make any of his films), fellini(although i believe 8 1/2 was recently remade with Daniel day lewis and it bombed even DDL can't be the great mastrioanni), or great films like blow up or la notte by antonioni , resnais , godard , rivette or even modern movies like night and day by hong sang soo or aki kaurasmaki(most of you guys should watch his films, might like it).

    sorry for the rant , i'm currently struggling my way through the film industry and it is no better here in bollywood either.. actually it's far worse lol(although there are some good/great filmmakers) ...hmmm at least i can hope that maybe one day i'll get to make my own film that i want to make(only if i win a lottery).

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    I'd rather slam my cock in a car door than watch this attempt at rehashing an awesome film.
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    This looks interesting, and it'll probably make me want to see the original, too.

    As for why remake it in English, well...simple fact is, a lot of people hate subtitles (or aren't good enough readers to handle subtitles and still enjoy a film) or hate dubbed movies. I'm not saying those people are right, far from it, I think they're closed-minded (except those that just can't help not being able to follow movies with subtitles), but at least they'll get to be introduced to something pretty cool, even if it's only a mediocre knock-off of the original.

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    Aaron I think youd have to be mildly retarded not to be able to follow along with subtitles

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