Alright, finally saw this movie. I loved it.

[VIDEO]]Red State Official Trailer - - YouTube[/VIDEO]

For those who aren't familiar, this is the latest film from Kevin Smith (yes, Silent Bob). Trailer pretty much says it all about what it's all about.

Movie is gritty and believable, no torture porn, and very few likeable characters. It gets called a horror movie, but I wouldn't really call it that as it's not really scary. It's got some suspense, for sure, in places. Mostly, it's just a disturbing story about disturbing people, that could be real.

A couple of Phelps family members who left the WBC in recent years saw it and praised Smith for how realistically certain aspects were portrayed. A few higher-ups in the Phelps family went to a screening (free of charge as guests of Smith) brought their kids and walked out not even 20 minutes in, calling it "filth" and "a vulgar piece of tacky melodrama." Note: they walked out before any violence or gore, so it must have been based on the portrayal of the people in the church, and the public opinion of them.