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    Bubba Ho Tep

    I'm at work.. its the overnight shift before Thanksgiving..

    So what else am i going to watch....

    Thats Right...

    Bruce Campbell playing a crotchety old Elvis in a texas nursing home with Ozzie Davis (who thinks he's JFK) trying to kill an egyptian mummy (with a passion for western wear) before it sucks his soul out his asshole.

    How metal is THAT!!!

    "20 years ago... i coulda made wiht a curly lipped smile and had her eatin out of my asshole!!

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    Such an amazing movie
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    hmmm, sounds interesting, never heard of it before, maybe I'll watch it someday...

    (<--- hint@myavatar i fuckin love that movie, its pure awesomeness)

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    Love this film, and pretty much anything with Bruce in.

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    I love Bruce Campbell. The man is just hilarious.

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    Loved it! It's just a pity there wasn't more of Reggie Bannister in it, he was great in the Phantasm movies and I thought there'd be more scenes between him and Bruce.
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    I love Bruce Cambell, I love Elvis and I love campy movies but for whatever reason, this one didn't do anything for me. I'll have to give it another watch sometime.
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    Loved it!

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