Documentary "Waiting for Superman" - why your kids are probably failing

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Thread: Documentary "Waiting for Superman" - why your kids are probably failing

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    Documentary "Waiting for Superman" - why your kids are probably failing

    Waiting for "Superman" | Official Site | Take Action

    Has anyone else seen this film? I just watched it as it looked interesting, and I am feeling pretty down about how anyone in North America is going to succeed. I know this movie looks at the US public education system, and I'm going to do some research to see if anything similar has been done for Canada.

    I want to meet Geoffrey Canada and Michelle Rhee.

    I spent 3 years in college and have two diplomas (one of them useful). I'm a privileged kid who has had a lot of opportunities that most don't get. I was pretty blind to it and ended up expecting things in life, and this film gives me a whole new appreciation for the opportunities my parents have given me. I'm going to tell them that, and make them watch this film.

    This film also makes me wonder about the quality of the schools where I grew up. I can only really name two stand-out teachers who pushed me to succeed even though I didn't care. I've had more good teachers then that, but there were only two instances of "You can do better, and I'm going to see to it that you do." This movie makes me want to write a letter to those teachers to thank them and let them know where I've gone since grades 4 and 8 respectively.

    I ask everyone to watch the film, check out the link (I haven't yet) and pass it around. I haven't been so frightened for the current residents of Earth as I have been during this. The key thing to fixing our situation has so many barriers it's absolutely mind-boggling. One of the interviewees made an excellent point; "What's the result if we give up? Nothing."

    Note: this is a bit of an emotional response to the film, and I'm looking forward to discussion with anyone else who has seen it or decides to watch it
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    [VIDEO] feature=plcp]"Waitin' on a Superman" - Iron & Wine - LYRICS/HD/HQ - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    I'm running around like a nut case right now because it's dinner time in my house and all that jazz, but this subject is very close to my heart because, while I might not be American, education in my country is also a piece of shit.

    Which is why, for better or worse, me and my partner are home-educating our son. We are part of a really close-nit local community of home-educators who meet up regularly, so it's effectively like our own little school but within a really family-orientated fraternity if you like, and it's fantastic. But anyway, more on this later, thanks for posting!
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