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Thread: Kingdom Hearts 1.5?

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    Kingdom Hearts 1.5?

    So i just discovered that kingdom hearts is making a HD remake of KH 1:final mix, 356/2 days, and re:chain of memories all on one disc, and its going to be on the PS3. I'm excited for this because I never got to play any of the side games because they were on separate consoles. BUTTT!!!! I herd a rumor that it is not coming out to America and only in Japan. If this is true Square Enix are ass-whole trolls.

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    I used to love Square games but after FF tactics they haven't really released anything that interests me. I especially hate all things Disney so I had no interest in kingdom hearts at all.

    I get what you are saying about Japan only releases from them - I used to have the same issue with the Front Mission games. (not releasing them in the US)

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