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    Piranha 3D

    Seriously the worst film I saw in my life.As a horror movies fan I've seen a lot that was beyound belief but this one is a champion.
    Of course it's a comedy but...........nothing there is funny.
    A bunch of (oYo) + crap actors + no story + crap effects + nothing.
    I thought it'd be funny but it was painful thinking somebody put money on that.
    Well probably it's Hasselhoff's money cause the whole project is about him being there and saving it.
    Dear Lord that was really painful, even fast forwarding couldn't help

    Piranha (2010) - IMDb

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    Terrible movie. Only the boobs saved it.

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    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuYrRebvFHc]Baywatch Intro - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    A funny thing could've been him driving Kitt around the beach while piranhas were trying to eat its tires

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    Sober this movie is eh, but stoned/drunk off your ass its the best thing known to man

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Boobs, you say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
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    Boobs, you say?
    You clearly have not seen this movie. Otherwise you would not ask that question.

    It's a really stupid movie, but it's entertaining.

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